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About "Armcore Project"

2010-02-14 13:51:50 by ArmcoreProject

First of all, we are very happy to be a part of the Newgrounds community.


Armcore Project was established in 2003 by the connection of 3 Armenian leading projects, I.T.M. (DJ T.O.X. & Mad Dizzy) & Syrius (DJ Pandorra, Kid Raven) & RMX (DJ Art, Da Hangman). Our tracks are regularly played at Armenian and foreign clubs. Our group has organized many trance festivals and parties in Armenia. Our members now include DJ T.O.X., DJ Pandorra & Kid Raven. Us three DJ's are "masters" of our work & have big experience at making trance music, even before we met eachother. Armcore has played almost every festival in almost every club of Armenia. We also played live at "DJeneration" -International DJ festival. Also, we organized the CRAZIEST parties/festivals here in Armenia, including the International DJ festival "Djeneratiion 2" and "Djeneration 3" that took place in Armenia in 2003 and 2004. It was a great success. Many international and Armenian Djs along with the us, Armcore Project, played at the festival. It helped by majorly promoting trance music in Armenia. In 2004, we also took part in a festival called Sphere (underground fest). Some of the festivals that brought fame to Armcore Project were the trance festival at Music Complex in Armenia in 2004 and "The Connection" in 2004. From 2008, after a short break, we started in the world of trance music again by participating in a festival Luxury Rush. In 2009, at the festival "Vakcinology" the group presented to the public its new composition "Feel" that was a great success.

We will be posting many of our songs, and hope you all enjoy them.

About "Armcore Project"