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Once More - F-777 Once More - F-777

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

To Killamnjaro...

Basshunter is a producer, not a DJ. I'm also pretty sure DJ Splash is a producer, and he just uses DJ in his name... And sorry, but if you're going to look at F-777 as better than Basshunter, DJSplash, DJToxic, Tiesto ( Who is a DJ ), Deadmau5, etc... I'm afraid you're looking at the music entertainment world as "Anyone can join in with the pros". Don't get us wrong, F-777 definitely has the right skills to make it, but everytime we talk about him with someone else, they will say.. Well, it all sounds the same, which it kind of does, no offence, F-777.

In this.. I've concluded, that Killamnjaro, you have no knowledge of music, you just listen to it.. You also have no idea what a DJ is.

F-777, great song, keep it up... But change once in a while! Go with some classical.. or perhaps a quick hip-hop beat :P

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F-777 responds:

You need to go through my projects i have changed lots =).
Just whenever i go back to this style it gets top 5 so people
just listen to my top 5's and think thats all i make.

Thanks for the review though dude! Glad you like it =).

------- Note to other readers -------------
And ya a DJ has no reference to making music. But
basshunter is also a DJ and has been for 4 years (something
around that long) before hitting it big with a record label XD.

Tiesto purposfully changed his name from "DJ Tiesto" to
just "Tiesto" so people can recognise that he makes his
own music =).

Theres a difference guys!! (to anyone reading this).

Follow Me [Alt One Four] Follow Me [Alt One Four]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good Job.

We like this music very much.. your quality and EQing blends in quite nicely, the only thing we notice is that it can be quite repetitive... Now, this isn't a bad thing.. but the way it just stops and plays something else.. (sudden changes), could make some people give you a lower score, ya know?

Anyways, all in all.. this song is very energetic, and we're sure you had fun making it. For that, 10/10

aryst0krat responds:

Personally, I don't think any of the transitions are particularly jarring, but this -was- before we started heavily automating our songs, so I guess the transitions are going to be a little less smooth.

Glad you liked it, though :)